Narrative Designer/Editor

Are you looking for the extra edge in your narrative, finding a quest difficult to link together, or even just struggling with a reward based end game?

There are many services that a Narrative Designer and Editor can offer and they encompass more than mere storytelling mechanics. Here are just a few of them:

- Lore and Story design: Whether that is a sense check, a proofread, or alterations that help your narrative to flow and be impactful.

- Character design: Great memories exist within characters, for some games this is a wide and varied backstory, for others it's a few one liners displayed in some artwork. I can help you with both.

- Quest design: This one encompasses a lot of core game design elements; from design, implementation, and editing of a chain of story elements, all the way down to a simple review of the aim of a short card game.

- Game mechanics: If your rules are missing something, or if they just need a simple proofread and sense edit, I can advise or improve upon them.

- Marketing hooks and impactful words: This covers the game's title, what is in the blurb and marketing material; it's everything else on top of the game that goes the extra mile to create a narrative for your brand and company on top of everything else.

The best part is that I offer work on all of these things, as many or as few as you need.

Do you need me to work up everything from the ground? I can do that.

Do you need me to just tweak a few things to help make it perfect? I can do that too.

I will stick to your brief and deliver on your hard work. Why not add my industry standard skills to your project today?

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